THE TED RYAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND and the annual scholarship are funded by Manulife Financial in recognition of the long-standing business relationship with the Millwright Benefit Plan Trust Fund.

Terms and Conditions of Eligibility and Selection:

  1. The Ted Ryan Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a child under the age of 21 of a member in good standing of a local union affiliated with the Millwrights Regional Council of Ontario.

  2. This scholarship will be awarded annually, provided that the Awards Committee has a suitable candidate to enter first year University or first year of Community College.

  3. Applications must meet the admission requirements of the University or Community College to be attended.

  4. Any student who fulfills the above terms and conditions can apply for this scholarship.

  5. The Awards Committee will pay the Award to the selected student after the student has enrolled and is attending the University or Community College.

  6. The value of the University scholarship is $2,000 and the value of the Community College is $1,500.

  7. The "Principal's Confidential Report" must be accompanied by the student's high school transcript and be post marked no later than August 1, 2018.

  8. The scholarship application will not be accepted without both the "Student Aid Application" and the "Principal's Confidential Report".

  9. The student must also submit a letter of admission from the University or Community College to be attended.

Please Submit Your Application to:
Mail to our address:
79 Sunrise Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4A 1A9