UBC MILLWRIGHTS are known throughout Toronto as being the best trained and most well prepared for any project. A state-of-the-art national training facility is operated at the UBC’s International Training Center, giving millwrights and instructors access to modern equipment and tools upon which to hone their craft. Training is also done in both classroom and hands-on settings at our Technical Training Centre in Toronto.

APPRENTICESHIPS and skill-upgrade classes for Journeyman expand skills and keep professionals on the cutting edge of innovations in materials and techniques. We offer customized training if a project needs it, and we provide training onsite, if that’s what it takes.

Safety is a critical component of training for millwrights, and Local 2309 ensures the knowledge level is maximized for all safety related training including GHS WHMIS, confined space, working at heights, lock and tag out, CHSAT, first aid, CPR, and automated external defibrillation.

Educated, experienced foremen and superintendents are the key to jobsite productivity. Specialized training programs help experienced millwrights sharpen their supervisory skills. We build on a millwright’s on-the-job experience by adding leadership skills to help them motivate workers, communicate effectively and solve problems.