AMCO Millwrights Local 2309


Our Industry Business Partners

What Is AMCO?

Association of Millwrighting Contractors Ontario is a voluntary Association of unionized Millwrighting contractors who are our industry business partners.

Our goal of creating a constructive culture within the construction industry and providing a competitive workforce for our contractors and owners is very important to us.

We encourage all contractors to get involved and learn more about the benefits of AMCO. Millwrights in leadership positions, please inquire with your leadership team about becoming a member of AMCO.

Together, with our industry business partners we can continue to improve, strengthen and increase our market share creating sustainable growth and new work opportunities.

Precision Productivity

Why Become a Member?

AMCO has been established to further the aims and objectives of its members, with particular reference to Labour Relations and related activities including Collective Bargaining and Administration. AMCO strives to serve its members with up-to-date information that is relevant to our industry.

Membership provides you with the day to day opportunity to get professional advice, in strict confidence, on all matters of concern to your company with particular reference to the Millwright Provincial Collective Agreement.

  • Members only area of their website where relative information is posted
  • Quarterly newsletters on current industry matters
  • Scholarship opportunities for children of employees of AMCO Member organizations
  • Access to an informational resource center on matters of concern
  • Counseling with respect to Industry related issues