Benefits of Employing UBC Millwrights

Benefits of Employing UBC Millwrights

“Precision” is the standard work product of UBC millwrights. Our members consistently participate in training and skill-enhancement classes to become experts in the use of tools and instruments that they must master. A keen eye for the perfect fit is a primary asset for UBC millwrights, who are trained to work with specifications requiring tolerances to a thousandth of an inch.



To keep pace with industry needs, a project must be completed with precision by productive millwrights who finish a job on time and on budget. UBC millwrights bring those capabilities to every job, every day. You can ensure a high level of production by staffing your jobsite with professional millwrights who have the skills and experience to safely, quickly and properly complete the work.

Contractors who employ UBC millwrights have access to unlimited, ongoing training for any project, and a veteran workforce that gets the big picture: When the project is successful, everyone benefits.


Industry Partners

At our training facilities throughout the Greater Toronto Area, millwrights are trained using industry manufacturers’ products and time-tested techniques for installation and maintaining.

We actively develop industry partnerships to provide millwrights exactly what they need to install, repair and maintain machinery and equipment on the job site.

See how a partnership with UBC millwrights can benefit your company.