Benefits of Employing UBC Millwrights

Standards of Being the Best

UBC millwrights understand that the relationship between signatory employers and end-user customers involves a delicate balance.

Standards of Being the Best


The actions of just one individual can threaten whether an employer is considered for future work assignments. Unprofessional behavior and poor-quality work performance affect the livelihoods of fellow millwrights and jeopardize job opportunities.

Work Ethic

The manner in which millwrights conduct themselves while on a customer’s premises reflects not only on the signatory employer, but on the area’s Local, MRCO and the UBC, as well.

That is why UBC millwrights are held to the highest standards during work and non-work related interactions with others, whether employees of the customer or other site employers.

Should it be determined that an individual is unwilling or incapable of satisfying these commitments by demonstrating a work practice or conduct that is detrimental to UBC millwrights’ overall interests, then corrective action will be mandated.

Work Ethic

UBC Millwright Local 2309 Standards

UBC Millwright Local 2309 shall be in consistent adherence with these standards:

Follow all Employer and Owner safety practices and guidelines. Use appropriate safety equipment as dictated.

Practice punctuality and arrive on time as expected at the designated workplace fit for duty, dressed in appropriate attire and equipped with required tools.

Conduct oneself in a courteous manner that fosters respect for Employers, Customers and fellow Co-Workers. Treat the property of others with care.

Be conscientious at all times of the quality and timeliness of the work assignment performed.

Work as a team player and display a positive disposition. Follow the directives, rules and policies of the Employer and/or Customer. Be receptive to constructive feedback.

Commit to working in a diligent fashion and avoid any result or performance which could be construed as less than quality craftsmanship.

Act, at all times, in a manner which promotes a positive image of the millwright craft. Maintain pace with industry-related technological advances and possess the necessary credentials and certifications expected of a highly qualified “professional” UBC millwright.

Embrace continuing education as an integral component of the millwright profession and participate, whether required or voluntary, in the advanced skills and upgrade training programs offered. Comply with all mandated training prerequisites.

Serve as an example to fellow millwrights. Actively support initiatives designed to promote the millwright trade. Continually offer to share one’s talents, knowledge and experience with those new in the industry.