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Political Action

Supporting Millwright Values

For Millwright Local 2309, The Issues That Matter Are Millwright Issues

We work on things that matter to all our members and contractors who employ them, such as:

  • Labour laws that serve worker and honest employers including fair wages, worker safety, taxation, pension’s reform, workers’ compensation, employment insurance, and health and welfare programs.
  • Initiatives that support and promote excellence in training, secure retirement and universal access to healthcare.
  • Government programs, policies and initiatives that promote and grow the middle class.
  • Campaigns against the underground economy, which exploits workers through substandard wage rates and no employment insurance and workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Legislative measure that threatens our members and our union such as the recently repealed Bill C-377.
  • Infrastructure funding that creates decent jobs, stimulates the economy and grows the middle class.
  • Promotion of responsible energy developments.

Local 2309 political action means supporting people and policies that support millwright values.

Political Action
Political Action