Qualification Programs

Qualification Programs

For UBC millwrights, training is one piece of the puzzle. The other is qualification. Our qualification requirements ensure every UBC millwright is equipped for success in the field and on the job.



Apprenticeship is the beginning of the qualification process. Complete a construction millwright apprenticeship program regulated in Ontario with the Millwright Regional Council - Canada. Upon completion of apprenticeship, qualified individuals obtain a Certificate of Qualification, which confirms its holder has the skills, knowledge and experience that meet industry standards.



An apprenticeship involves the completion of 8,000 hours via practical training provided on-the-job by a highly skilled UBC Millwright and includes three levels of theoretical in class training over 24 weeks, which includes but is not limited to; instruction in workshop practice, workshop technology, machine technology, rigging & hoisting, welding & fabrication, electrical & electronic controls, drawings & schematics.



Upon completion of apprenticeship, UBC Millwrights receive a Certificate of Apprenticeship (CoA) from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities followed by a Certificate of Qualification (CoQ) upon passing the construction millwright certification exam to become certified, licensed and registered as a millwright journeyman.



What Makes UBC Millwrights Different? Training and Development. We commit millions each year to training our members. As a result, UBC Millwrights acquire superior skills and become specialists through industry and OSHA approved programs. Continuous Training is one of our top priorities, and UBC quality training ensures that UBC Millwrights are ready to keep you competitive and profitable while completing all your projects On Time, Every Time.


Interprovincial Standards Red Seal

Millwright Local 2309 Department of Training and Education assist our qualified Certificate of Qualification members to obtain their Interprovincial Standards Red Seal. This program is designed to test and recognize properly trained and skilled millwrights in Canada. Apprentices who have completed training, and journeymen, can earn the Red Seal endorsement on their Certificates of Qualification and Apprenticeship by passing the Interprovincial Standards test. The holder of a Red Seal millwright certificate is able to practice his or her trade in any Canadian province or territory that recognizes the Red Seal as proof of possessing standardized skills.


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