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Your Personal Plan, Your Access

As a plan member, you can easily set up a secure online account and view real-time information relating to your claims, dependents and beneficiaries.

Common Member Claim Forms:
Dental Claim Form
Direct Deposit Form
Health Claim Form
Legal Assistance Plan Form

Safe Work and No Disruptions

Manion is Excited to Announce the Launch of myManion

A QUICK, EASY, AND SECURE BENEFITS PORTAL. Submitting claims and checking your coverage is simple with the all-in-one portal. To get started, visit or download the mobile app.

Through myManion, you can:

Submit Claims

  • Submit photo claims on-the-go using Quick Submit
  • Get reimbursed quickly with Quick Pay
  • Check the status of your claims
  • View your claims history

Get Benefits Information

  • Quick, easy, and secure access to your benefits wherever you are, on any device
  • View your coverage details
  • Set up your banking information for direct deposit
  • Access your benefit card in the app, even without mobile data
  • Access your benefit booklet, claim forms and more

How do I use myManion?

  1. Once you receive your username and password by mail or e-mail, sign in from your computer using or download the free myManion app from Google Play or Apple’s App store.
  2. You will then be asked to change your password.
  3. You’re in! View your coverage details, submit claims, update your contact & banking information and much more.

If you have not received your username or password, please contact Manion by phone at 1-866-532-8999 or by email at


With myManion, you have two great options for submitting a claim online:

To get started, visit or download the mobile app.

Quick Pay

You can expect to have your claim processed in one business day.

Submitting claims through Quick Pay is the quickest way to get paid when submitting your vision and paramedical claims.

In this option, you enter all the details of your claim and click submit! Receipts are not required for this method of claim submission, unless the claim has been selected for a random audit.

Use Quick Pay when:

  • You’re submitting vision and paramedical claims
  • You want the quickest reimbursement
  • You have specific details to include in your claim
  • Your daily claims submission maximum is under $500

Quick Submit

You can expect to have your claim processed within five business days.

Submitting any type of claim through Quick Submit is the easiest way to send in your claims and receipts on-the-go. With Quick Submit, making a claim is as quick as taking a photo.

Simply upload a document or photo of your receipt, select the benefit category, and click submit!

Use Quick Submit when:

  • You’re submitting any type of claim
  • You want the quickest claim submission method
  • You have multiple receipts to submit
  • No daily claims submission maximum